my Mother, My Friend

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks for giving

                                      Thank You Onyx-Rose!

Thank You for giving Joy & Love to this tribe of individuals. Each one of us holds a part of you within our hearts. Wherever we go, whatever we do, there you are.

 And Here You are with me right now. My thoughts return to all those days you went out  of your way to make celebration a part of our lives.

Thank You for feasts shared with family and friends:
 For sharing Grandpa & Grandma D. whose gardens were full of Roses and fruit tree's. Grandpa's game of "break an egg on your head"...his  menu favorites Ambrosia salad & German chocolate cake! Grandma's Irish Jig; Man could she ever cut the rug!  & her Pot Roasts mm!

 Gettin' hungry?

Thank You for Uncle D. who brought fantastic game & fish to the table, Quail, Elk, Abalone, Swordfish, Javelina (meals were never ordinary), Piggy back rides & jungle gym... a soft round belly to lean up against while watching Roller derby or Wrestling;  good for hiding eyes when those roller "babes" got scary & mean..........
............................Did he put that fuzz in his belly button just to be funny? 

Lost your appetite? (he,he)

Thank You for making sure we spent time with Dad and His side of the family too. You never kept us away from those important connections. While other families split by divorce were playing "Keep away" with the kids,  you were Making sure we had  time with All our relatives.
At Grandma R.'s little cottage We learned to love Goulash, and wonder why one tiny little lady would have all that Candy, overflowing candy dishes all over the house? It was a wonder we had an appetite for dinner after having candy dishes held out....   "Have some Candy sweetheart?" There was always a big spoon at the dinner table scooping out Goulash onto not quite empty plates, and that Lazy Susan going around in circles with a huge assortment of who knows what that 'needed' to find room on your overflowing plate!
.........................We were Love pounded with Food... squishy hugs & cheek pinches.

Thank You for driving us all the way out to the desert to be with Aunt & Uncle M. and all our cousins where we had so much fun we Were a Barrel of monkeys. We were so blessed that you and Dads Sister, Aunt M. stayed such good friends, that's the difference it makes when you share Jesus in common with others. That kind of Love is stronger than anything the world can give.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity:
* To learn how to love, to trust and be brave in new situations with new foods, places and People who matter in our lives no matter how tangled relationships might be.
*To step forward
* Go out into the unknown
*To embrace the moment and the People who love us ....

Though Thanksgiving day finds us filling our bellies with good things,
Our hearts are made Full from the memories of our loved ones who mean so much more than one person can say...
.......................................than i can adequately express in the here and now.

Although we cannot be together on this day  Onyx-Rose, i just want you to know how Thank-full i am for all that You've done, for all that You are and all You've shared with us.

With me.

Your unselfishness in sharing us with our families.... making sure we had time with loved ones no matter how difficult...or far away they were.  

Thank You for filling our lives with the things that matter: Sustenance, Affection,  Celebration, Family....  but most of all Your Love.

                                         Thank You for giving us YOU!

                                        with Love from me:
                                                       # 7