my Mother, My Friend

Friday, December 16, 2011

Silver strand

Silver strand beach

Some of my favorite memories were of times on the beach in SanDiego.

The Silver Strand being one of the best, "back in the day".
We camped right next to the shore.
Such sweetness to fall asleep to the sound of surf; the scent of salt-sea air on balmy breezes.
We had those big floppy tie-down hats and cool Hollywood glasses,
too big of course but required Sunwear for us 'Coppertone' girls.
We looked like a bunch of wanna be starlets.
Oh Yes...Coppertone Was on board.
We even used The old fashioned scented Woolite just for our delicate swimwear...Dahling!
Woolite & Coppertone: The Scent of the Beach.
The boys didn't have such fashionable hats but we all had that timeless footwear
or what we innocently called them....
"Thongs" ;0
Where did the innocence go??
 Friends often camped along with us,
together we would collect drift wood along the shore.
The evening would wind down with a nice bon-fire
to warm our sandy toes
Hot Cocoa
to warm our exhausted, happy belly's.
Our trusty V.W. bus with pop-up tent made for peaceful dreams lulled by tidal drift. 

i don't think Onyx ever went anywhere
without a passel load of kids in that funny bus, 
it was my favorite family rig. 
One of my sisters even brought her pet mice on our camp outs;
a White and a Black one ...Minnie and ???
...i can't remember... but it wasn't Mickey.

i don't think children understand just how patient and unusually tolerant our parents are ... until We look back and take inventory of all those journeys... and all the paths we drag them along on in our hurry to do and see and go, go, go ..


Thanks for the days at the beach
They were lovely!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Talked to Onyx-Rose last night and told her she has 2 more  'followers'
 than i do at iznaabugg..
This tickled her ... i could tell by her giggle.
So .. because Blogger still won't let me answer on the comments i wanted to say
And Thank You for joining in on her story...
 There's more to come ..

The last couple months have been a bit tough for me sharing her story
i do not live near her at this time and miss her very much.
You see
 Never in my life
 did i think we'd be so far apart
 as this...
 i always expected she'd be close,
even living with us in her later years.
She did live with my Husband and i for a very short year
when she had Knee replacement surgery
 a few years ago...
we expected her to stay with us.
but things don't always go the way we hope they will ...
or think they should.

Being the Mother of 7
 Onyx has many options of where to live.
At this time she is reveling in the love and friendship of 2 daughters
 and her grandchildren in a small mountain town.
She is completely in Awe of these truly lovely,
Angelic beings.

i struggle with grief from not living closer to her
and the rest of the family
but ....

life is short
isn't it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

by any other name...

"A Rose by any other name would smell Just as sweet...."

An Onyx-Mom-Rose
is even Sweeter!

Thank You for being You.
For loving and raising
unique individuals...
who all Love you in our own crazy ways.

You are our Saint
...Saint Rose of Onyx.

Here you are with your 
Grandma: Rose...
& Mom: Marie 
Our Rose-Marie.
Oh Rose-marie i Love you...
Our Wild Irish Rose
who loves those Yellow roses of Texas
How many Rose prose can we name for you
Sweet Rose
and still the sweetest name for our Rose is ....

Ephesians 6:2-3
2)"Honor your father and your mother"-- which is the first command with a promise-- 3)"that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth"".
>     >
Exodus 20:12
12)"Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Onyx Rose !

Thank You:
 for everything You

You have done,

being the

The Hub
of our universe,

The center your family
revolves around,

The candles,
the frosting,
The Birthday cake!

The reason we all sing ..

"Happy Birthday to You!" 
 We LOVE you Truly ...
Truly Dear!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Bear & Rose

Onyx sent me this and a few other Pict's she had copied so i could resume with her story with some visual aid.
Thank You Sweet one!

We were talking about her childhood and she remembered a time she and her family had been given a gift of a stay at a special little cabin spot up in the Mountains of California, a place called Big Bear.
Her Mother had been working at Convair doing her Patriotic duty as Rosey the Riveter and a friend who was a Realtor decided the family needed a treat.
So they drove the wooded roads up into the grand mountains.
Onyx remembers the little town had a bowling alley, a cafe and  "a beautiful lake".

This picture is Not Big Bear lake but ... to get an idea .. Onyx was not shy about playing in the water.
Though i bet Big Bear is a whole lot colder!

She also recalled seeing many wild deer that seemed to be as curious about their arrival as the family was of the deer. None of them ran away, instead they stopped munching and stared right back til Mom and the folks went on up the road.
One morning she awoke at sunrise to the surprise of a rather nosey deer peering in the window at her as she lay in her bed.
She called out to her Mother in excitement and the deer remained right in the garden by that window for some time.
She says they returned to Big Bear several years after that and always felt refreshed & ready to take on the world.