my Mother, My Friend

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How sweet it is

i asked Onyx-Rose if she would like to join me in her blog
& so this is
for Mothers Day

Hello World,
This is Onyx-Rose, making a debut.
Turning 79 years old (this past April 6).
I have been rather floundering,
 no way to go out.
Movies are a thing of the past.
No dog to walk.
Can't see to crochet.

That's enough!

I have a kitty to snuggle.
I have two daughters living close by:
Rita, an angel,
and Rhonda, a 55 year old Beautiful Mother of 4.
I have karen in Ariz, whom is my heart string and phone pal.
How can I feel lost?
I can't.
And as John Denver sings,

"How sweet it is to Love"

"How right it is to care"

It IS right to care but
we must care first for our personal existance

For now -

True Northern California.


Happy Mothers

i love you Mom.