my Mother, My Friend

Friday, December 17, 2010

watching over

i often look on-line to see the weather on the way to where Onyx-Rose lives.

For many years she and i traveled these Roads together. The I-5 corridor between the State of Jefferson; the True Northern California; up through the state of Oregon where we shared many adventures... road trips and just plane trips... not the drug induced kind... the kind where you fall into a Rabbit hole like Alice and wonder what land you've gotten yourself into.

Snowy, icy roads were my least favorite memories. Onyx taught me how to drive Stick shift in a '62 V.W. bug on the windy winter roads of the small Buckaroo town of Molalla. The roads to 'Dickey prairie' where we lived on the outskirts of town were nauseating and fraught with the ever present threat of sliding off into the river.

Rose was intrepid and exceedingly patient with me...she always showed confidence and never coddled me when my desire was to freak out and give up the wheel...even when both our hands were frozen and petrified by the arctic temperatures. She knew i could do it. In fact we both learned an important skill while negotiating hairpin curves heading down to town. The Bug was bottom heavy ... while we may have started the trip heading forward down-hill.. swoop, fwoop... & we were instantly heading backwards in a slippery slide.... ....slooop! schheerpslerp! 

"i say old chap were We headed up the hill or down the hill???"

Needless to say ...we learned how to drive that little Buggy backwards in a Hurry! 'Cause there was No getting it turned around till we hit flat ground down the road a couple of miles... which seemed like Hundreds and Hundreds at those times. What an absolute rush THAT was and No Drugs needed! Those were the raw 'grit of your teeth' trips that forge the kind of friendship people need in order to weather the storms life flings at us.
 i think my Sisters are now forming their own weather tight bonds with Onyx-Rose and each other as they travel these roads together between the two states... this has always been a hope of mine<3.
Even though she can no longer drive or see too well, Onyx... Mom.... can still inspire confidence and trust.. patience, in the journey mile by sometimes backward mile.. as she Watches over those she Loves so well.
Thank You for the life and driving lessons MOM... it's because of You that i knew i could learn to drive a Tractor trailer rig pulling a 53 foot trailer... forwards AND backwards  & do it well,
 Even in the worst of weather.