my Mother, My Friend

Friday, October 28, 2011


Talked to Onyx-Rose last night and told her she has 2 more  'followers'
 than i do at iznaabugg..
This tickled her ... i could tell by her giggle.
So .. because Blogger still won't let me answer on the comments i wanted to say
And Thank You for joining in on her story...
 There's more to come ..

The last couple months have been a bit tough for me sharing her story
i do not live near her at this time and miss her very much.
You see
 Never in my life
 did i think we'd be so far apart
 as this...
 i always expected she'd be close,
even living with us in her later years.
She did live with my Husband and i for a very short year
when she had Knee replacement surgery
 a few years ago...
we expected her to stay with us.
but things don't always go the way we hope they will ...
or think they should.

Being the Mother of 7
 Onyx has many options of where to live.
At this time she is reveling in the love and friendship of 2 daughters
 and her grandchildren in a small mountain town.
She is completely in Awe of these truly lovely,
Angelic beings.

i struggle with grief from not living closer to her
and the rest of the family
but ....

life is short
isn't it.