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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Begining

 Born in 1933 in the city of San Diego; Onyx Rose (aka:Rosemarie) is the daughter of a Carpenter, sometimes Gardener and a Roaring Twenties Flapper, Rosy The Riveter & sometimes Secretary. She has 2 half  brothers born to her father, and a baby brother stillborn and awaiting to meet us in Heaven.
She was brought up Catholic, though her father was of atheistic leaning; she attended school at Sacred heart Catholic school in the big city.  As a youngster she Rebelled fiercely against Piano lessons, the "Sisters" would find her at home after school instead of at her lessons and would drag her back to sit in the rectory office till Mom or Dad came for her. She had a scruffy dog named Brownie who would push his way out the door and race off down the road with Onyx Hot on his heels yelling "Browniee... Brownieeeee!" A Mighty Rascal, yet to this day dogs are The Most favorite critter in the Universe of Onyx Rose. She's had what amounts to a sizable pack stretched out over her life.. Rascals one and all.
    A woman of strong Independence, Onyx has always had a soft spot in her heart for the Underdog... the critter kind....and the Human kind.
     She fell in Love and Married her best friends brother at the age of 19. They had Seven.... yes 7, bouncing bundles of Independant Personhood... within a Ten year span. We are 2 boys and 5 girls.
     i am the 7th .... the last.... and at just about 48 years old, i will always be,"The baby of the family."
i hope to share The Beauty of My Mother, My Friend, with My family, friends and the world who need to know that This is One Extraordinary Woman Perhaps Her family will join in and share their Memories. We have so much to be Thankful for.
Thank You Onyx For being the Hub of our family. For being both Mother And Father to this Rag-tag troupe of Rascals! Thank You for All you have done; Keeping a safe roof over our heads and bellies well fed. For holding our lives together when your life was breaking apart. For standing up for your beliefs in the fierce face of unbelief. For always hoping for the best & keeping a place open in your Dear heart for your "Prodigals" to return and know what Love truelly is. You are My mentor, My teacher, My Sister and confidant, My Forever Friend, My Father & Mother.

This families Heart...

Our Onyx Rose

(written Biggie style, so she can read it:)

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Beautiful sentiments :)

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