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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Bear & Rose

Onyx sent me this and a few other Pict's she had copied so i could resume with her story with some visual aid.
Thank You Sweet one!

We were talking about her childhood and she remembered a time she and her family had been given a gift of a stay at a special little cabin spot up in the Mountains of California, a place called Big Bear.
Her Mother had been working at Convair doing her Patriotic duty as Rosey the Riveter and a friend who was a Realtor decided the family needed a treat.
So they drove the wooded roads up into the grand mountains.
Onyx remembers the little town had a bowling alley, a cafe and  "a beautiful lake".

This picture is Not Big Bear lake but ... to get an idea .. Onyx was not shy about playing in the water.
Though i bet Big Bear is a whole lot colder!

She also recalled seeing many wild deer that seemed to be as curious about their arrival as the family was of the deer. None of them ran away, instead they stopped munching and stared right back til Mom and the folks went on up the road.
One morning she awoke at sunrise to the surprise of a rather nosey deer peering in the window at her as she lay in her bed.
She called out to her Mother in excitement and the deer remained right in the garden by that window for some time.
She says they returned to Big Bear several years after that and always felt refreshed & ready to take on the world.


Kathryn said...

Stories of people's memories are always fun, but how much more when it is someplace i know, too! I bet BB was tremendously beautiful then. It is kind of a funky little town now, but we love it.

Thanks for sharing. :)

kare said...

i kinda thought you'd like this one Kathryn:))
i really hope to come see your "funky little town" some day...funky is Good! i wonder if the cabins are still there? probly not:(

Thanks for poppin' in! It's fun to share these kinds of things.

Kathryn said...

i wonder if the cabins are still there? probly not Probably!

This IS a funky little town, built a little at a time over many years. Many of the cabins around were built in the 20s & 30s a few even older, a handful in the 40s, 50s, 60s. Our house was built in the late 70s. The town is kind of like a mushroom - it just seems to grow up without any rhyme or reason. Definitely NOT a planned community!

We have a few of the high price, elegant areas. We don't go into those areas much. There are a few newer moderately priced communities that are planned and built just like the ones in Orange County. Those always kind of blow my mind - they are so very different from the vibe the rest of the areas have here.

You've got to come see us! Maybe this summer when your temps are high. You probably wouldn't want to come right now. It is 20F and snowing. :)

kare said...


Summer sounds great! It would be fun to take pictures of some of those cabins to Be in the mountains again.

i hope you are staying warm & cozy!!